Pragmatic Cloud Security

Based on data driven continuous development practices

Our Services

We have nearly 30 years of experience ranging from startups to corporate environments. To help you build security from the ground up we offer the following services:

Cloud Security Assessment

Our security assessments of cloud infrastructure and development practices are based on industry standards. In a workshop we put findings into context together with the customer and share a prioritised report.


Based on our security assessment, we put together a prioritised improvement plan tailored to your needs and circumstances. To help you incrementally adopt the improvements, we can offer you a dedicated lead to support your team.

Landing Zone

A secure by default multi-account environment, using infrastructure as code and CI/CD pipelines, inluding e.g. IAM, baselines, centralised logging, devops toolchains, artifacts, networking and automated guardrails.

Security Data Lake

A cost-effective and cloud-native security data lake for logs enables automated detection and response to security or reliability incidents, as well as valuable business performance insights.

Automated Guardrails

Automated Guardrails are lightweight functions that react to incidents 24/7. They help isolate and recover from incidents in a similar fashion as well established resilience practices such as autoscaling for performance and autorecovery from errors.

Guardrail Testing

We use DevSecOps to verify the effectiveness of the guardrails and controls you have deployed and make sure they operate as intended.